"No Problem Country"

This morning lots of people were tired (not Jeannie), but excited to begin the day! Today began with Jamaica Relief Mission (JRM) which is about ten minutes from where we are staying. We continued on to Hopes Hospice, a place where the sick elderly stay. Lastly, we led a kids praise night on the base before supper. 

Once we got to JRM we observed the beautiful ocean view they had and how clean and organized it was inside and out. They only had four children there at the time, as the others were in school. The owner of the organization, Kevin and his kids also hung out with us and we got to know them as well. Soon we all got comfortable with the kids and after playing outside together we all went inside to teach each other fun action songs. It was a lot of fun interacting with each other and seeing the joy in the kids faces.

At Hopes Hospice, we spent time in different residents' rooms, visiting, sharing stories, singing songs, reading favorite Bible verses, and laughing and crying together.  We were each challenged to connect with one patient for at least 20 minutes, which many team members exceeded easily. Jeannie really enjoyed visiting most the time with one special lady named Novelette.  Her and many others impacted us through their faithfulness in hard times, and commitment to the Lord.

The Kid's Praise night was for children who live on the YWAM base or nearby.  We acted out the David and Goliath story, sang songs, preformed a skit, and got super sweaty dance-partying-it-up.

In the evening we were impacted by the testimonies that different team members shared in our meeting, and we look forward to getting to know one another better and all that God has in store for us!

We love you all and Happy Valentine's Day!!  

Jeannie and Cheyenne  



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