Day Two: What time is it?... SUMMER TIME!

Today we were able to go back to West Haven, as we drove there our team was filled with many mixed emotions some were excitement while others felt nervous for the day ahead. When we arrived we were able to join some residents in their school and see their excitement for learning. 

One thing that we learned these past few days was their love for singing, whether it was High School Musical or Jesus Loves Me you could always tell they were happy by the smile on their face. This afternoon we were able to see the joy they have for singing as we lead a few songs and helped them make a craft. They never failed to bring a smile to our faces. We also lead a skit for them which involved many close calls with people almost getting hit in the face, but this payed off from the sounds of the laughs that surrounded the area.  Its safe to say that we were all sad to say goodbye when the time came. 

Some highlights from today were Derek's contagious laugh throughout the day, random bursts of singing multiple High School Musical songs, and the simple joy in picking weeds with Kevin. 

Today we also celebrated Rebecca's birthday, this involved hearing the Jamaican way of singing Happy Birthday... which is a lot better than ours. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us and encourage us  through your comments, we would  really appreciate if you continued to pray for us throughout this journey. We could use prayers for energy and strength as we continue on. 

As we say here in Jamaica man, its a no problem country (Jamaican accent) From Jana and Kayci

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