No Shoes, No Shirt, NO PROBLEM (Sing to Kenny Chesney Song)

Just so everyone knows, we have always been wearing shirts. 

Hey Diane, thanks for stalking us and sorry its a little late! 

So starting off with sleeping in this morning till 6:45 which was majestic. Following was devos, and a fellow peer sharing his testimony, then we headed off in the bus for a two hour trip to Duns River. On the way there we stopped at Columbus Park where we met a man who was playing his guitar with a bird on the end, pretty right on! We also re-enacted the Titanic scene of Rose and Jack on the bow of the ship that was on the edge of the ocean at the park. Arrived in Duns River after a long drive of singing Hunter Hayes, as well as learning some Patwah worship songs from one of our YWAM hosts.  We got into our swim stuff and bought these ugly water shoes for climbing the waterfall. Our team went up the waterfall together for the first time, bonding through blood, sweat, tears, Cheyenne's stolen shoes, and team selfies in the water. After the first time going up we got to roam around the beach by the ocean or go up the falls again as we wanted. We got to hold this nasty smelling starfish and meet new some of the other climbers. We closed off Duns River with a visit to the markets just outside the falls. We then went for supper about thirty minutes from Montego Bay, at a place called Scotchie's for a Valentines Day supper. Then came back to the base and listened to amazing and inspiring testimonies and finished off the day with a Dutch Blitz tournament. (Which Chan and Tana won) Kasja did pretty mint too. All in all, great day. 


Happy Valentines Day <3 

Tana and Kasja

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