Day 3: God bless you, take a seat

Hey everyone that reads this blog! So today we went to West Haven again, and had an absolutely amazing time. The kids there are so incredible and make sure there is never a dull moment. It has been sooo nice and warm here! A little humid for my liking, but still really nice. Especially considering how cold it is back home. Good news! Sophie's toe is healing! Praise the Lord!! This is really scattered but I hope you get the point. Anyways, West Haven! What did we do, I bet you want to know! Well we sang songs, played around, pushed many kids on the swings and did an awesome craft! I will let Robyn touch on the specifics. It's like 9:30pm right now so I'm headed to bed! Love you sooo much Mom, Dad, Scott and other family and friends! Now off to Robyn :) 


Hey everyone :) hope all of y'all are doing great back in Saskatoon ! So, you may be wondering about our title, well back at west haven, there was a very friendly guy named Christopher who would always grab your hand while saying "God bless you, take a seat" while gesturing to a chair or ground. Also not to mention the kisses I got from my new best friend that we called baby. The weather was quite perfect today.. not to hot, not to cold and we got some rain today :) But anyways, so far the trip is going great and everyone is getting along so well and getting quite close which is such a blessing. God is speaking to all of us in such incredible ways and it's already an amazing experience with so much more to come ! :) Missing you tons already mom, dad, Jasmine and Micheal ! send my hello's to everyone (Charlie) haha Love and miss you all !

~Robyn :)

Love always, Project Serve Jamaica 2014

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