Day 4: Roasted Lobsters

Hey family and friends!

   Today we got a break from the work we've been doing, and went to Dunn's River Falls. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a tourist destination where you climb up a water falls. We ran up them so fast that we beat all the tourists. It was really fun, although some of us ended up swallowing quite a bit of water (Robyn). Some of us also spent some time snorkelling, unknowingly going out a little farther than we were allowed... let's just say the cops showed up... don't worry, it was minor! Others lied on the beach and got some colour...

Sunburn Victims List:

Sophie ("Barely, this is not Hawaii!"), Joeline, Brianna, ALYSSA, Robyn, Dankia, Tara, Jordan

Sunburn Survivors List:

Alex, Randy, Sara-Katelin, Geoff, Elliot


   After we left the falls, we enjoyed some delicious Jamaican jerk chicken at a restaurant called Scotchies. We had a really great day, and are looking forward to a great day tomorrow filled with church and the craft market. Some of us are a bit nervous for it, because we're not used to the pressure to buy; hopefully we can be strong! 

I miss you Mom, Dad, Colton and friends! I'm having a great time, and I can't wait to see you and share stories with you when I get back! 


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