Day 2: Armpits Up!!!

Hey everybody back home,

This morning we started off our day by travelling up the very scenic mountain to the beautiful 'West Haven'. West Haven is a children's home for the disabled; it wasn't what we expected. Everybody had their fears about the day, but it was a success. When we arrived, it was very welcoming. The residents came right up to us, and right away put smiles on our faces as well as theirs. We all split off into different areas of West Haven to introduce ourselves. Throughout the day we sang songs, played on the playground, took them for walks, helped with feeding, and we hung around and took lots of pictures in the hot afternoon sun. (OUCHHH) - we wore sunscreen again... but not Sophie... to be announced at a later time... Danika, Jordan, Robyn, Alex, and Brianna all got our hair braided by one of the workers for free very generously. At the end of our day it was very hard to say our goodbyes, but when we returned to the base we had exciting stories to tell. Many of the residents put permanent smiles on our faces and our cheeks hurt from laughing. We can't wait to return back to West Haven tomorrow for even more fun and stories to share! 

Upon our arrival back at the base, we had some free time before supper. We hung out at the pool and enjoyed the hot hot hot HOTT sun... (Elliot applied sun protection). After a delicious supper of chicken, potatoes, and salad we relaxed a bit before our nightly team meeting in which we shared our encounters with God. We all experienced this differently and it was very inspiring and encouraging. As the night comes to an end, we look out our windows and see the beautiful ocean. (getting jealous?)

Love you mommy and daddy,

With love from Danika and Jordan <3 XOXO, keep us in your prayers and thoughts

p.s Hope everyone has a romantic valentines day. 



Just a bit of a side note on why I did not apply sunscreen... This is Sophie. Yesterday as we were leaving Blossom Gardens, there was a bit of an incident. Elliot accidentally slammed a car seat down onto my middle toe of my right foot. But don't worry, he apologized many, many, many times! It hurt, but later on in the day it started to really hurt. Sara Katelin and a lady named Marian from the YWAM base took me to see the doctor... Turns out I have a broken toe! So Sara Katelin and I ended up not being able to go to West Haven, but visited the doctors office, X-ray office and pharmacy. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I am totally fine and wish I didn't have to miss out today. If y'all would pray for healing and that it wouldn't hurt to bad to put on shoes to build the house, that would be awesome! 

Love and miss you Mom and Dad!

Also, the weather today at the pool was NOT super super sunny!! I need to make that clear, ask anyone else! Danika and Jordan just wanted to make you jealous..!

- Sophie


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