Seeing the Country

Hello friends! Kristin here with just a quick update before bed. I have plans to fill you in on all the details of our day, but I am going to do a way better job of that tomorrow morning. For now I need to head to bed... but enjoy Corwin's video and know that we had a great day! We went to the local market, did some other sightseeing, and lead a Kids Club this afternoon. It was awesome! Tomorrow we are heading to the Kids Home to do the big concrete pour on our building. The team is VERY excited, especially the boys. It will be an intense day of work, but they are so ready! I will check in again tomorrow morning with some more fun details from our day... but for now.... 

Prayer Requests: 

-Izzy's ankle is much better today! (as you can see in the video clip of the boys leading singing at Kids Club!) Praise God for a quick recovery. We are still keeping a close eye on it, but are so encouraged he is feeling better! 

-Pray for our work day tomorrow. Every day since we've gotten here has been a little bit hotter than the day before, and tomorrow is supposed to be a little bit hotter again. Pray for safety and protection against heat stroke as we pour our cement!

Thanks everyone for checking in. We are loving the comments! 

Until tomorrow... Kristin 

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