Good Morning from the work site!

Good morning everyone! Here I am as promised with some more details about our day yesterday. As I type this the team is pouring concrete and having a great time. It is hot today, but not as hot as expected. At least not yet. Which is an awesome blessing, so thanks for praying. 

If you watched yesterday's video you saw that we started the day with an amazing breakfast at the market. Eggs and beans and fry jacks for everyone... with some additional orders of chicken. After breakfast the team had a chance to explore the market and buy some gifts and souvenirs. They tried their hand at bartering, some were successful some not so much. But lots of fun things were purchased and the kids had fun. 

After the market we headed over to the site of the old King's Children's Home. The kids have only been living in the home we are working at now for about 4 years, and before that they lived in a very small house right in the middle of Belmopan. I always think it is important to take the team back to the place where it all started, and allow them to see where most of these kids grew up. Their old home is very small, smaller than most of the homes you and I live in, and it housed about 90 kids. They are now living in a home that is much more suited to their size, and is about 10 min outside of the Belmopan city limits, making it a much safer place for the kids to grow up, run around, and play. I have countless amazing memories from the old home, because that is where I watched all the kids grow up. It was small, but it was a safe place for them to be, and it is always nice to go back there and walk the halls and remember what God has done in that place. 

After the visit to the old home we headed out to the Art Box, which is a very beautiful store fill of souvenirs and artwork. The kids picked up a few more gifts for friends and family back home, and we headed back to YWAM for lunch. After lunch we stopped off in Spanish Lookout, which is a nearby Mennonite Colony for some home made ice cream and headed on our way to Unitedville to lead a Kids Club.  

The Kids Club went super well, and the leaders were so encouraged by being willing to come and serve with them yesterday. We brought them several duffle bags of donations... the donations that many of you bought and sent with the team... and they were so blown away by these gifts. Everything she took out of the bag she would say "we had just been praying for this!!". They run a tutoring centre every day after school and they are always in need of quality school supplies, flash cards, as well as toys for their pre-school. Which is exactly what we brought! And one of their teachers had been teaching the older kids with her laptop which just died a few days ago, and we happened to have one to give to her. It was awesome to see the blessing that these gifts can be, and know that they will be very well used. So thank you to everyone who sent down donations with us! At kids club all of the boys lead the kids in a few (loud, crazy, hilarious) songs, and lots of the team were involved in acting out a Bible story, and then Ashley and Brett both did a great job of sharing about what God has been teaching them lately. It was a lot of fun, and the team really enjoyed meeting some new friends. 

After Kids Club we headed to San Ignacio, a little city about an hour from YWAM, to eat supper in a lovely restaurant right in the middle of an orange orchard. On the way home the entire team fell asleep in the van, so worn out from a long and hot day. We headed to bed early to get ready for work this morning. 

This just in... the cement pour is going so well that the team has decided to push through lunch and will finish it up by about 1:00! The local crew here is amazed at their work ethic and the team is having so much fun! 

I will update again tonight about the rest of our day. Thanks for checking in! 


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