Does it get any better than this?

Hello everyone! We are loving your comments and enthusiasm... thanks for sharing this with us and sending us your love! 


Today was another GREAT day! We headed to the Kids Home first thing this morning to continue our work project, and it went amazingly well. We are prepping for the big cement pour on Wednesday, so the team was busy finishing up the base of the roof and tying rebar all day. They worked so quickly and did a great job. The local crew here is loving their work ethic and attitudes, and has told them how well they are completing each task. Maybe you didn't know that your son or daughter can sit on a roof and hammer in vapour barrier or tie rebar in 40 degree heat... but they sure can!! Everyone has taken turns doing every job, and I am constantly amazed at how well they are supporting each other and cheering each other on.


They put in a very full day of work, and still managed to have enough energy to run around on the playground and play basketball with the kids. There was a super awesome moment this evening before supper when I was sitting on the bleachers by the basketball field, the sun was setting and the breeze finally picked up. I took a moment to look around and just saw pure joy everywhere I looked. The beauty of God's creation in this beautiful country, and in these beautiful children that He has allowed us to know. It was magic. One of those moments where I wished I could stop time just to soak it in a little longer. I wish you could have been here in that moment too, to share in the joy that this team is both giving and receiving. 


We stayed for the family devotion time, where "mom" Leonie shared a great message on listening to the voice of God. It is always amazing to sing with the kids, listening to their cute voices praising God. And after devotions was a great supper of rice and beans and chicken. We usually pack up and leave pretty shortly after supper... but tonight we stuck around for a while. It just felt to me like no one really wanted to leave. We were having so much fun, just enjoying being together. Enjoying some last moments with the kids before we left for the day. It was just a feeling of peace and love... and so we lingered in it for a while. 

Tonight we had a team debrief and each shared something that we feel like God is trying to teach us on this trip. It was great to hear how He's speaking to each of us in different but also similar ways. 

Tomorrow we are shifting gears a little bit, and doing some sight seeing at the local market in the morning. In the afternoon we will head to a local Mennonite colony to grab some amazing home made ice cream, and then to a Kids Club in a nearby village. I already know it will be awesome, and we can't wait! 


-Izzy's ankle is doing a little bit better, but is still quite swollen. He is icing it a lot, and stayed off it all day today. Please pray for a quick recovery for him. I know it is not easy for him to sit and watch everyone work when he would love to be working too. 

-Pray for the Kids Club tomorrow, that we can be a blessing to that local ministry. 

-Pray for the team as they continue to unpack what God is teaching them. I know that the next few days are going to go by very quickly and we want to soak in everything we can. 

Thank you so much friends and family! 


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