Lawyer... Fees?

I heard a guy say something to me the other day. “It’s good what you’re doing here. I’d rather pay you than a lawyer.” Was it a funny joke? Or a sobering reality? To be honest it went completely over my head at the time, I just chuckled about the remark. Then I got to thinking about it, is it really that strong of a dichotomy between these two things? Is it really a choice between a community program and paying the lawyer fees when a kid gets into trouble?

How much do these kids cost? What is the price to pay for a forgotten soul on the streets? When you are born into a situation with resources, you get to call the shots. When you can use money and relationships to help get jobs and education life is significantly easier. Time and time again, I’ve seen my kids get stuck on what others take for granted. The amount of kids I have seen paralyzed without their license because their parents have lost their birth certificate (FYI you need a credit card to purchase birth certificates in Saskatchewan, which just makes it harder for us) is incredibly frustrating. Let alone, finding a vehicle to drive once you get your learners when your parents have never driven themselves.

All three of these boys pictured below have gotten to where they are without any help. Try succeeding at life, when you can’t even get your birth certificate, let alone homework help.

That’s my job. Sometimes I play hockey, but I’ve become adept at buying birth certificates, teaching drivers, scheduling classes, planning futures, talking with teachers, even helping kids get bank accounts.

Good thing I cost less than a lawyer, that’s a lot of billable hours. Really I’m just glad I am in the position to help. Thanks for helping me be the help for these kids. They have you behind them, and that’s a lot!!! Thank you.

Evan PetersComment