Sustainable Hope

     This fall, our new executive director, Kim Worthington (my old supervisor) had us do up a one sentence job description. Something that was easy for us to remember and explain to people what we do and why we do it. Here’s what we believe we’re a part of at SYFC. 

Creating sustainable hope through the provision of intentional, relational communities for mentorship and discipleship

     It narrows everything down really well! Sometimes using our home, sometimes playing hockey! No matter where it is, we aim to help create this sustainable hope in kids (and ourselves)!

       But what does it mean to provide someone with sustainable hope? I’ve been pondering this concept lately as I felt God speak this into my heart. I felt as if this was the purpose behind what I do and then wrote it into my job description. I’ve come to realize more and more how important it is not just to give kids hope, but to make it sustainable. 

      In life, there are seasons. Good seasons where everything seems to be going right, and bad seasons, where the will to live just fades right out of you making getting out of bed a huge struggle. The kids that we work with often have little moments of hope, great memories for something to look back on, but those moments can be fleeting when faced with deep pain.

       One of our kids in particular always approaches this Christmas season with a huge amount of heartache. Eight years ago he left home with his sister to spend time with his cousins over Christmas. Two days later he got the phone call that his mom, step dad, aunt and twin siblings had passed away in a house fire leaving them alone. He was ten.

     He’s spent the next part of his life bouncing between houses, but came to floor hockey at age 12. The community that floor hockey has provided for him the last 6 years has been huge in his life (he was actually the one with the quote below). This is a part of sustainable hope. He’s learning God’s purpose for his life and we’re thankful Jesus made him a part of our story! We continue to pray God sustains the hope he has growing inside of him.

I’ve met so many friends at YFCHL, it’s where I’ve made all my deep friendships.

Thank you for playing your part in bringing this hope!

Evan PetersComment