Boot Camp


Here is a picture of Becca and our girls during our annual winter retreat!!!. BOOT CAMP was an amazing weekend of hockey where we all, stayed up too late, ate way too much and played way too much hockey. We were so happy to provide a safe, fun, well-fed weekend for our kids to enjoy away from the distractions of wifi and city-life. Now it was really cold, so there wasn’t a lot of outdoor activity, but this year was definitely different. In the past 7 years, I have never seen our kids hang out and have conversations like I had this weekend. There was a sense of community that I had not seen before and it was a real awesome thing to witness. It really has become a family atmosphere that we have, and seeing the kids embraced that with each other is a huge win for us. When they begin to see that there are people on their side, fighting for them, we have hit a huge win. They are not alone in this world, and seeing them understand that is awesome.

This year I shared a bit of my story with the kids. Friday I shared the context of growing up with a single mom and having God provide amazing miracles (my mom has some awesome stories) feeling alone, but knowing Jesus was with her. Saturday I shared the story of how I grew up and came to love hockey and get involved with YFCHL. I shared some of my own crazy stories (and a lot of moments of answered prayer). Explaining how God’s story has influenced my life heavily and how each student in our group has also influenced my story, and putting all of us in this life thing together. Without Jesus I don’t have a story, YFCHL is also a significant part of my story. It was awesome to be able to share that with them, showing them their value to me and the world around them. 

My story, your story and God’s story. We’re all in this together.

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