The Other Things...

I do a lot of things… Some of them don’t get talked about as frequently as they should and I figured I would let you in on some of the other things I do other than running the floor hockey league!

     Below, you’ll see a bunch of guys hanging out in our living room! We’ve come to enjoy sharing taco Tuesday with some of the floor hockey boys, bringing them over to our house and feeding them before shipping them off to our church to play some floor hockey! It’s been great to have an opportunity for quality time and deeper relationship.


      Here is the space I’ve helped run a guys Bible study for the last 4 years. Every Sunday, we’ve met here to discuss life and whatever seems to be going on in the Bible! It’s been great, and though we’ve had guys leave church communities, they still feel at home there. It’s not ideal, but it’s keeping these guys engaged and we’re happy for that!

      Below, is the Youth Detention Centre I’ve had the privilege of working at. I’ve worked with a lot of guys and really enjoyed getting to know them! They may have made some huge mistakes, but seeing their hearts and identities change has been a huge blessing to be a part of.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 4.23.35 PM.png

      Last thing I’ll mention is the hangout night going on every other Thursday. It’s just an opportunity for the kids from floor hockey to hang out in a safe space. They do homework, nap, play video games, bake, or just be themselves. If you look closely you'll see me with a couple guys wearing some exfoliating masks… funny what you’ll do when you’re in a safe space… It was most definitely my wife’s idea!

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