Joining In


       I get to share my life with these kids. Here you'll see Becca and I standing in front of three boys that have tagged along with us to many family events. I have an amazing family, and I’m blessed to share that with them. They get to see the way our family works and hopefully pick and choose what to make their own. I can’t wait to see the families these guys create!

       I hear a lot of people say that I’m doing good work and I’m glad! I believe a lot in what I do. Choosing to step into this lifestyle has not come without its sacrifices, but it’s been rewarding to get to know a lot of really awesome kids.

    As you can see, my weekly schedule is a very packed mix of different events! It has taken these five years to build up a lot of trust and be able to speak life into these kids, showing them the roots of sustainable hope, the kind I cannot provide.

    Although I want to, I cannot always be there for these kids. Knowing it’s unrealistic to think I could, I desperately want them to succeed and want to give the tools to do so! (Sound like a parent much…?) I’m continually trying to point these kids to Jesus, the thing that makes this job sustainable and the thing that keeps me going every day.

     My wife and I have committed our lives to this work, bought in and decided to sacrifice to help our kids get ahead. We see the value in this, but still need $1100 out of the $3500 needed to pay my monthly salary. Would you be willing  to join us in bringing sustainable hope to the next generation?

Evan PetersComment