88 Students Find Themselves in California


2019 marked the 41st anniversary of CALBREAK.  Over the past 41 years God has used this trip to GIVE LIFE to thousands of high school students as they have been exposed to the STORY of Jesus.  Throughout the ten day trip it became very evident to us that God had a very special plan for these 88 students, and that they were not o the trip by accident, but because of divine appointment.

Our time in California was marked with not only amazing beaches and thrilling theme parks, but with deep conversations about life, God and faith.  Most of our students did not come from a church background, so it was a blessing to have the opportunity to share the STORY of Jesus through our actions, attitudes, and the sharing of our own faith STORIES.

Our guest storyteller was a Christian Hip Hop artist from Vancouver named SCRIBE, and his connection with our students was unbelievable! He shared powerful stories from his life, his journey and his struggles, always pointing to his faith and the ways Jesus has shaped his story.

SCRIBE shares his music with our students

SCRIBE shares his music with our students

God moved in a powerful way, and we felt a sense of unity within our group that was very powerful and authentic. Every student on CALBREAK considered the truth of Jesus at some point on our trip, with many making some key decisions to pursue God in their lives. 15 students indicated they wanted to begin a relationship with God! That is so incredible.

And there was a specific moment on the trip that impacted us in a way we never expected. On the final night we attended a baseball game at the iconic Dodgers Stadium in LA. As part of the night, we were allowed to go onto the actual field after the game to watch a fireworks show. Our whole group waited patiently for the gate to the field to be opened. When it did, our students did not gingerly walk onto the field, but they bolted onto the field with an unbridled energy and elation… running and laughing and screaming with joy. It was such a powerful metaphor of what God is doing in the lives of these kids. He is inviting them to leave the spectator seats in their lives and run onto the field to become part of the action, to truly become alive as He gives LIFE to their STORIES. It was powerful image of the HOPE that Jesus offers, and it brought our staff team to tears!

Please pray for the students and for our staff as they continue to connect with their students now that we're home.  Many of our staff have reported that kids from their small groups have been checking out their churches and youth groups!  We are so thankful for what God is doing in the lives of these kids. 

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