Simple Acts of Kindness

The small things can have the biggest impact.  “Jordan” is a Gr 12 student who I have had the privilege of connecting with over the past few months.  I ran into him the other day as he was leaving his job downtown, and he shared the exciting news that he just purchased his first car!  This is a huge deal for any young man, but it is especially significant for this kid.  His family immigrated to Canada when he was younger, and the dream of having his own car always seemed out of reach.  I could tell how overwhelmed and thankful he was to have reached this milestone in his life.

We walked over to take a look at his new baby.  Unfortunately, in a rookie move, he parked under a billboard… his new car had become target practice for the pigeons overhead!  We laughed about it, but it gave me a great idea.  I told him to meet me at the car wash near his home.  We met up and I loaded up a wash card for him, and gave to him as a gift.  But then he informed me that he had never actually used a manual wand wash before, and had no idea what to do.  So it was sweet opportunity to take him though the process and show him the ropes.  The joy on his face was incredible as he began to clean up his new car with these new skills.  This is the power of mentorship!


When we were done, he had tears in his eyes as he thanked me for this gift, he said he didn’t feel deserving. This opened up a sweet opportunity to encourage him, to remind him of how God thinks of him, and how valuable he his, and to share God’s STORY of HOPE with him. Jordan felt so encouraged, and is even planning on coming to my church on Sunday! I am so thankful that God continually provides these unique opportunities to impact young lives with small acts of grace and love. This is one of the ways that God is bringing LIFE to their STORIES.