Day 5: Sunday Funday

Hey y'all reading this blog post! How's sunny Saskatoon? Ha JK it's obviously not sunny cause we have all the sun over here in Jamaica! We started off our day with a three hour church service that not all of us stayed awake for. The parts that we were awake for were full of lots of amen's, hallelujah's, and enthusiastic singing from the church goers there; it was truly an awesome time. After church we went for a delicious lunch at the pork pit, consisting of jerk pork and festivals, where we all got out of our sunday pretty clothes and into our clothes to go shopping. Once we were all ready to go in our shopping clothes we proceeded onto the craft market, where we were all greeted by very eager vendors. Many of us were sucked into by things that we didn't want or need (Alex) and some of us turned out to be very good at bartering (Geoff). The amount of Bob Marley merchandise was a little overwhelming but many of us found some pretty good deals. Many of us spent a lot of our money whereas some of us only spent $1 (Tara). LOL. We ended the day off by all sharing our testimonies, "and now we are all best friends" - Randy. 


PS shout out to Rita Hanoski for birthing a wonderfully fair skinned child say hi to the rest of the fam for me since i'm pretty sure no one else reads this. Tell Miya Annie misses her! LOVE YA! - Brianna 


PPS shout out to the Dishko family and all of my friends reading this, HI! I'm having a good ol time in Jamaica, serving and loving. By the way I'm not bringing y'all home anything. Love you guys! :) -Tara 


PPPS also Jordan wanted us to let Celine know that she actually DID NOT burn and instead beautifully tanned.

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