Hello friends and family! I'm happy to report from the jungle. We made it! Our day was great. Our flights were perfect. We had some good plane naps, and some great laughs together. We ended up in some long lines in customs, so we were a little late getting to the base. But everything at the airport was great, and now we are happy and healthy and in Belize! 

We just had a great supper of rice, stewed chicken, beans and salad (thank you Miss Lili!). The team is now unpacking, taking some much needed showers, and heading to bed. 

I always love watching the reactions of the team as we land in Belize, and I feel like I get to experience the country for the first time through their eyes. There was much squealing and clapping as we landed, and we have happy and grateful hearts. 

We are headed to bed, and tomorrow morning we are heading to the Children's Home to start our work project. We are pumped! 

Thanks for your prayers and support. Stay tuned for thoughts on our first full day in this awesome place. Feel free to leave some comments, and I can share them with the team. 

Thanks everyone! 

Over and out from the jungle... 
Kristin and the team   XOXO

Corwin Thiessen15 Comments