Today Is The Day!

Good morning from somewhere over the southern States! Kristin here… I found some Wifi on the plane and thought it would be a great time to fill you in! We are on our fourth flight, and heading to Houston. We should land in Belize by about 2:00pm, and I will update again by supper time to let you know we made it safe and sound. 

Yesterday was a LONG and eventful day! We were at the airport by 5:00am, and our heads didn’t hit the pillow until about midnight last night. Our flights all went well and we landed in California right around lunch time. Brett wasn’t feeling well and was sick to his stomach during our lay over in Vancouver, and they were very hesitant to let him on the plane. They don’t recommend flying with a stomach bug, and were considering asking Brett and I to stay back and take a later flight into LA. But we asked the team to pray, at the last minute they gave us clearance, and we were all able to head to Cali together. We made a quick stop at Cornerstone church to drop off our stuff and change into shorts, and headed to Huntington Beach for the afternoon. We had a delicious lunch at Ruby’s Diner, right at the end of the Pier. I took much joy in watching Whitney and Sarah experience the ocean for the first time. We had a little time to explore Main Street at Huntington, and then we headed back to Cornerstone to join them for youth. We have a long standing friendship with Cornerstone Church, and their youth pastor Gary Garcia. We continue to be blessed by the way they serve and encourage our teams every year as we head to Belize. They welcome us with open arms. They always become instant friends.  They called us up to the front and had a prayer of commissioning over us last night. Thank you Cornerstone for loving us so well. And for letting us sleep on your church floor. You guys rock! 

We had what felt like a little nap at the church last night, and got up at 3:30 to head back to the airport. Everything went seamlessly at the airport check in this morning, and we are happy to be on the 4th flight out of 5….. almost there! 

Check back at supper time for a report from the jungle. We will head to bed early tonight, and we are excited to get to the Children’s Home tomorrow morning to meet the kids and start to build the house! Our dream is becoming a reality. We have been waiting for February 11th, 2015 for what feels like a long time. And here we are! AMAZING!!! The team is doing great. They are tired, but have great attitudes and are loving and serving each other really well. 

Here are some current prayer requests: 

-Brett is feeling just fine now. His stomach bug has passed. Pray that no one else has to deal with stomach issues. 

-Pray for continued health in every way. And a great and restful sleep in the jungle tonight! 

-I have a prayer request that has been tugging at my heart today. Please pray against anxiety. It is a struggle that so many people I know are dealing lately, both at home and on our team. It manifests itself in different ways, but can feel very real, discouraging, and overwhelming. Join me in praying against anxiety, and instead asking for God’s peace, love, and protection. Heading into the jungle on a trip like this is a big deal. We will move forward in the confidence of knowing that we are just where God wants us. 

We are ready for this adventure, whatever it will hold for us! Thanks so much for all of the support we feel from you back home. 

With much love and excited anticipation… 

Kristin and the team

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