It Was Such A Fun Day

Hey faithful readers!

We’re back home in the dorm after a long, hot, awesome, and fun day!

We started out this morning by finishing up some last minute details and getting ready for the kids. Their bus pulled up to the base around 10:30 and there was a stream of very very excited kids that ran out. We got right to the fun and played with bubbles and puzzles and frisbees, and the older kids played an awesome game of football (soccer) until lunch time.

For lunch we served the usual Sunday Funday feast… fried chicken and nachos and cheese and juice. And after lunch we got out the slip n slide for a couple of hours of soapy chaos. There are quite a few new kids at the home who are new and had never been to Sunday Funday before, and they LOVED the slip n slide. And it was a perfect afternoon activity for a  +35 day.

After the slip n slide we dished up heaping bowls of ice cream sundaes which was another perfect thing to do on a hot day. The kids left around 2:30 and we handed each of them a little treat bag with some candies and some practical things like a toothbrush and toothpaste. It was great knowing that they had such an amazing day, and I know first thing tomorrow morning they will start asking “Ms. Kristin… how many sleeps until Sunday Funday”… and so it begins again.

This evening we went to church in Roaring Creek which is the small community that surrounds the YWAM base. It was a great night with a good message from the pastor about avoiding distractions in our lives and staying focused on what God wants us to do. One of his examples was the use of social media and how distracted we can be with it, which struck home with a lot of us since we are on a social media fast right now while we are here. It was a good reminder to stay focused on what’s positive and important, and keep our eyes on God and not be distracted by all the things that can pop up in front of us.

Tonight we had a good team debrief time and shared our highlights from today and what we think God has been teaching us so far on this trip. God is at work in all of our hearts and it is so encouraging.

Enjoy the awesome video highlights from today… and I will check in again tomorrow night!

Pray For:

-health and energy tomorrow because it is supposed to be +40 (moms… no worries… you KNOW I will be making sure everyone drinks a ton of water and catching some shade)

-pray for God to continue working in our hearts and showing us individually all the reasons why He wanted us on this trip

Thank you friends and family… we love you!

With full hearts,

The team

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