We Survived The Heat


Hey everyone! I’m in the dorm and it’s 10:00pm and all the girls are already fast asleep. It was that kind of day! It was +40 today and the kids did an amazing job of working outside all day putting up fencing and working on re painting the lines on the basketball court. Everyone worked so hard, but took breaks when they needed. And we kept the sunscreen and water handy all day. And I’m happy to say that everyone is just a tiny bit pink tonight… no major sunburns. And no heat stroke! We did it!

We worked right until 4:00 and then took a bit of a break before spending the rest of the evening with the kids. Just when we thought we did not have another ounce of energy… we went into the Kid’s Home and the team started running around playing tag and giving piggy back rides as if they had been relaxing all day. We had an incredible time hanging out with our new little friends tonight… laughing and talking and playing (and yes… I did get asked about 30 times how many sleeps there are until Sunday Funday). We stayed at the Home for evening devotions, which was an awesome experience. Every night all of the kids gather together to sing worship songs and hear a bible lesson. It was a really impactful experience for our team. For some the highlight was having lots of little friends sitting on their laps or holding their hands, and for some it was an incredible blessing to listen to these little kids sing praises to God and eagerly learn from the Bible. It is challenging for us to sit and listen and know that we have been blessed with so much. We have amazing families, and endless opportunities and freedom just because of where we are from. And the kids at the home have been faced with some incredible challenges and yet they are so happy and content. They are filled to the top with love to give. It is humbling to be around them and an incredible privilege to learn from them.

Tomorrow we have a bit of a different day. We are heading to the local market for breakfast, and then leading a Kid’s Club in a nearby town in the afternoon. It will be a super fun day!

Please Pray:

-pray for our hearts. God is doing amazing things. We are learning more than we can even process. Pray that God continues to work.

I am going to sign off and join the rest of the girls in some much needed sleep! Thanks for your love and comments!

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