Christmas is Coming!

In less than a month, Christmas is here.  There are a few Christmas Banquets coming up- Drop-In on Dec. 11 and YFCHL on Dec. 19. 

We have Circle Drive Alliance Church youth group buying and putting the goodie bags together for Drop-In including socks, mitts and winter headwear.  The church also made a donation to cover expenses for the Christmas party and for next year plus expenses.  We are expecting up to 70 people at the Drop-In Banquet.  It is open to parents/guardians of the students and we have had a few show up each year.  We also send home food.  After the meal, we have games and teams of students decorating gingerbread houses, etc.  A team judges the houses and awards 1 team with a prize.  This is always a great activity with lots of laughs.    

Drop-In attendance continues to average 30 + students.  We get to meet new students almost every week.  Our volunteers are great in building relationships with the students.  This has meant students attending the youth group (The Project) and Sunday School at Carpenter’s Church.  Over 10 students help out weekly at Carpenter’s Church with Sunday School, serving meals at The Project and at Drop-In.  This has been a great blessing as the students see a need and want to be part of the nights. 

As for the Youth for Christ Hockey League (YFCHL), I am picking up students from the Confederation area and help out with selling concession and the paperwork.  It means I get to talk to a number of students every Wednesday night.  I remain connected to the young men that I have gotten to know for the last several years.  Over the next couple of years, I will be attending some Grade 12 Grads.

At Drop-In, The Project and YFCHL, I hear a few very sad stories.  One of the young men shared with me about his violent home live and being taken from the home.  Another young man is taking care of his 2 younger siblings as his mom has left. 

Please pray for the students we work with as they deal with some difficult situations. 

Leslie and I want to thank you for your prayer and financial support over 2018.  It means a lot to us to have a great team behind the scenes advocating for us.  Please consider a year end gift for my support account.   


Jim MillsComment