Ministry Update

It has been a busy fall so far and Christmas is coming fast. This means an increase in activity up to Christmas.

A huge thank you to those who attended our Banquet on November 6 th . I hope all those who attended enjoyed the evening. Thank you for your financial support for YFC that night.

Three of the young men from Drop-In were baptized on November 27 at Carpenter’s Church. That makes a total of 13 of the young people from Drop-In being baptized since August. Attendance continues to be strong at Drop-In with 40 + young people out on a weekly basis. Attendance at The Project on Friday nights is increasing.

As for the YFCHL, I am still driving the boys and working concession. Attendance is around 60 kids on a weekly basis.

Coming Up:
-Our last Disorganized Sports morning at Mayfair School until the new year will be December 6 th -Drop- In Christmas Banquet on December 13th with turkey and all the trimmings. As we have in past years, we will be doing up goodie bags with socks and mitts for those in need. If you can help out with a donation, please contact me.
-YFCHL Christmas Banquet will be on December 21st .
-I will need to get together with the hockey boys for our annual lunch one Saturday before Christmas.

Prayer Requests
-Please pray for health. I am dealing with some medical issues with a number of appointments coming up.
-Pray for our kids. Christmas is difficult for most of them with a lack of resources for food and gifts.

Thank you for your support financially and prayerfully. Leslie and I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jim MillsComment