Highs and Lows

On the afternoon of September 26 th , I received a call from Todd Berg (the principle of Mayfair School). He told me that Chris had died. Chris has been part of our Drop-In for over 4 years. I was in shock. I advised Garrett from Carpenter’s Church and then went and told Leslie at work. I broke down when I told Leslie. We picked up some food and with Garrett and Alex went and visited with Chris’ mom, Sherry and her partner. We found out that Chris committed suicide.

We decided to keep things normal so we held DS and Drop-In the day after the suicide. These were sombre events, but we also heard a lot of laughter. Our attendance jumped to 47 that night and has been over 40 ever since. We were averaging 30 to 35 before this.

Chris’ memorial service was on October 7 th at Carpenter’s Church. The new pastor of Carpenter’s, John Morris, asked me to speak. It was tough to write something down. I wrestled with what to say and rewrote it several times during the week. That was tough to speak, but through the Holy Spirit, I was able to get through it. On a happier note- On October 16 th , 4 more of the young ladies from Drop-In got baptized. There has been others who have asked to be baptized so we have more services coming up.

Pray for Chris’ family. Also, pray for the kids affected by this.

Jim MillsComment