The Blessing of Partnership

    I want to say thank you.

    Thank you for valuing these kids. 

    Thank you for giving me the joy of this job. 

    Thank you for investing in the next generation of young people.

    Thank you for hoping and praying to see these kids become something amazing.

    It is your efforts and sacrifice that enable all of this to happen. This job isn’t sustainable if you don’t sustain it, and it isn’t feasible if you don’t see the value in it. These kids are so worth every penny, and I cannot wait to see the fallout of just one of these kids’ lives. Cycles are beginning to break, they are seeing that they are good for more than just existing. They’re seeing value in themselves. They’re using they’re abilities to move forward, and most importantly, they’re blessing and challenging others around them. I’ve really hammered on the concept of being a leader this year and they have begun to understand the weight of their influence! When one leader improves, it effects everyone around them. Some of these kids are naturally gifted leaders and they are getting better. We have had teachers notice and comment on our kids and how they’ve begun to make positive impacts. This is what you are doing in these kids. Most of these kids lack real cheerleaders and supports, but you are the voice behind them telling them to keep moving, to persevere, to change their direction! This is what you are sustaining!

    So thank you. Thank you for caring and loving these kids in this way. For stepping in and doing your part to provide hope for the next generation when none would have come. There is always a need for support for me, money is a necessity to have more partners and people behind our cause, but I wanted to thank you that are involved, and really highlight the way you are helping to change the world.    

Philippians 1:3-8
gil klassenComment