Where Memories Are Made…

Oh the nostalgia. What a year it has been.

        A long time ago when my boss Kim started the floor hockey league, he decided upon the slogan “Where memories are made” and it has proven to be the best way to describe the YFCHL experience! Way down below are some highlight pictures from our awards banquet. This picture is all of our retirees from the year. We’ve decided that when you turn 20, it is time to move on and let the younger kids shine. As a gift, we compile a bunch of pictures from their time at the league, as well as their cumulative stats from the years they played. In that picture you can see all of them holding up their picture frames. It was pretty sweet to see the those pictures affected them and how thankful they were.

        Going through all of those memories and pictures gave me a ton of emotions. There were so many memories attached to these kids. Seeing who they were now after being reminded of what they used to be like was just incredible. Oh the laughs… There were thick (chubby) boys that had grown into quite slender young men, and voice changes where high pitched squeals eventually became a low bass tone. So great.

        These two pictures are the winning captains with their cups. Brandon on the left at 13 years old, and Kirklin on the right at 19. Kirklin came to us at Brandon’s age, and we’re going to get to see that transformation! We get to be a positive part of these kids lives! So positive, that they stay around as long as they can and in turn, positively influence our other kids!

      At the very bottom is a picture of all our award winner from the year. So much to be proud of in this picture. From MVP to most improved to top leader (pictured right), we have lots to be proud of at YFCHL and this is just a part of it. We have had one more year to bring kids in and let them do what they love. One more year to challenge them to be better. One more year to show them that they are loved. One more year to let them know they have purpose, and one more year to give them hope and one more year to tell them there is a God who loves them and is FOR them, not against them. Now, we just get to do it all again next year! Bring hope, fun and community to kids that might not otherwise get the experience! I get to walk with these kids for a job. I get to build into them. I get to watch them succeed, pick them up when they fail and celebrate the talents God gave them to explore. I can’t wait to see what becomes of some of these gems in future years, and celebrate alongside them as they succeed.

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