Unconditional Love

I can't believe February is half over! The past few weeks have been flown by. Recently I have been meeting with a number of girls who are feeling down and under the weather.  I can completely understand, this time of year is tough for most young girls.  Valentines day.  Hearts, red and pink, couples being all couplely, it seems to be everywhere you go.  Culture and society are sending the message to these girls that if they aren't in a relationship or if their boyfriend doesn't go to the moon and back for them that they aren't loved and have no value.  For women in general it is tough when the enemy keeps telling us that without a relationship or a husband or boyfriend that does whatever you ask, you are worthless.  This lie needs to be trumped with God's truth.  His love is unconditional, that means He loves you all the time whether you are single, in a relationship, married, engaged, etc, etc.  As I talk with numerous girls about relationships, wanting to take their own life or countless mental health issues, I am reminded of why God has me here during this season.  I know what it's like to have no where to turn but to Christ, and I want these girls to know that no matter what they are going through God loves them.  In my Bible study group on Wednesday nights we have been focusing on Identity and God's unconditional love.  As we meet if you would pray alongside me, pray that God can capture the hearts of these girls.  Pray that their identity and value would be found in Christ's truth about who they are and not what society and culture is telling them.

This video is one I showed the girls a few weeks ago, I pray that this concept of unconditional love roots itself deeply in your hearts today.  No matter where you are, or what your circumstance is, God loves you so deeply!

Carmen PahlComment