Pigeon Paranoia

Tonight the boys somehow hit a pigeon with a slingshot and some hard candy...its kind of a long story. The bird was not seriously injured, but was quite stunned by the incident. What happened next can only really be understood by watching the following video, shot live by Taylor...

Some of our favourite quotes;

“The bird was up in the corner and we shot it and it freaked out, its got a hurt wing. And now Wilber’s taking it and terrorizing the city!” –Mitch Epp

“Mitch Dunn just got angry”…”Mitch Dunn’s in his underwear” –Nathan & Mitch Epp

“I think I stepped in poo” -Taylor

“Get this on video, get this on video, por favor” –Mitch epp

“That bird will never hurt you”-Esteban

“Now we’re letting it free” -Taylor
Corwin Thiessen1 Comment