Feeding in the streets and bonding as a team.

Wagwan readas! Today we had a few of the team members prepare a succulent Chicken dinner with the staff while the rest of the team had a chance to read, write and reflect as well as cool off in the pool before lunch and travelled to downtown Montego Bay for YWAM’s “streetfeeding” program. We drove through crowded markets of colorful concrete to a small but full building which is used to feed the homeless. Half the team jumped out and preceded to prepare/serve food, chat with the men and woman being served, fumble through a song acopella haha, and Courtney did a great Job of sharing thoughts/verses from the bible with the homeless. The rest of the team drove up the road to a homeless shelter where they were met by a small group of inspiring and thankful people who were in transition of getting work and finding homes. Reese also rocked a devotion with the people their and we then heard their stories while they ate their meals. We got back to the base and walked through the neighborhood to get some gelato. It proceeded to rain for the afternoon but that would not stop us from playing basketball and swimming together. A few of us learned how to do back dives. Our team meeting tonight felt really unified in the way we worshiped. Worship songs really come to life when you are serving God in this way. We then talked about the Holy Spirit and hearing God. We all had some time to practice praying, listening and then discerning God amidst our thoughts and reflections. Overall it was a great day. Looking forward to singing our song in church tomorrow! Thanks for all the comments they have been very encouraging as we read them to the team every night. Here are a few more testimonies of our adventure so far.


"Wow! Before the trip I was definitely trying to block (out) all the hard times that were going to happen. I (just) thought (about how) it would be awesome holding the little black babies all the time and building a house. Nothing prepared me for West Haven. The day before they told us we were going to an orphanage that only accepts children with disabilities, both physical and mental. I got terribly nervous and scared. (When) we arrived I saw the kids from inside the bus. I took a deep breath and I was ready to go. God gave me such peace and told me I was ready to go. It was so awesome to know I was ready and I would love these children with all my heart!

            The first day was just building the relationships. But the second day we arrived they knew who we were and were so excited to see us again. More of the children came out to sing songs or just hang out. And I made myself a boyfriend! Heheheheh! He loved to walk around and hold hands. Even though most people didn’t understand any of the words he said, I caught a few and that was super cool! By the time we were leaving I had grown quite attached to him and wanted to hang out with him more.  But I’ve learned there is a time to say goodbye and sometimes it comes sooner than you want it too.

            I will never forget him and his cheerful smile!"



At hope hospice Nicole and I visited with an older gentleman, We were talking about sports and music and then I asked if he had any family that came to see him, there was an awkward silence and then he said “you are my family because you come and visit me”, when I heard this it meant a lot because he was a compete stranger and he was so welcoming to me, I felt a new feeling of confidence.

Psalm 68:6-God sets the lonely in families and leads out prisoners with singing.

From Ya Brada Joel.



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