Work Day #2

Good evening everyone! We had another great day in Belize! Today we headed back to the kids home for day 2 on the work project. This morning we did some more cement work and poured another section of the floor for the school building. We can only pour one section at a time and we have to let it sit, so the rest of the day was spent shoveling and spreading out rocks/gravel to build a back road into the yard. It was challenging work and the team was quite tired... but they still pushed through and worked hard with great attitudes. It was a hot day today... which was a blessing because it is helping things dry up from the rainy season and allowing us to keep working. But it makes it tough to keep shoveling when it’s so hot. But we can be happy knowing that we are shoveling in the sunny jungle and not shoveling snow... which seems like a lot of you may have had to do today.


The team was pretty worn out after a long work day so we packed up at the home around 4 and headed into Belmopan for a Cholis break. A cholis is a delicious drink made up of coffee and ice cream, and it was the perfect ending to our day. Tonight we had a relaxing time at the YWAM base and had a great time just hanging out together.


Today at the home the kids asked us countless questions about Sunday Funday. In two days we are hosting all of the kids at YWAM for a super fun day full of awesome food, games, ice cream sundaes and a slip n slide! It is the best day of the year, and the kids are SO excited. They have been counting the sleeps since last Sunday Funday so today they were beside themselves knowing that is only TWO SLEEPS away! They are beyond excited. They talked to me all day about what outfit they are going to wear, what game they want to play first, and if we will have chocolate sauce for the sundaes again. We as a team are so excited to have them over and we are counting the sleeps too!

Tomorrow we will spend the morning getting ready for Sunday and then do a fun team activity in the afternoon.

Prayer Requests

-thank you for praying for the weather! It has been raining a lot at night, but the days have been sunny which had been amazing. Keep praying! There is rain in the forecast for Sunday and we really need it to be a nice day!

-pray for a great rest for the team tonight and renewed energy in the morning. Everyone is feeling pretty soar and tired from a couple of full days of work.

-pray for continued health. Ali is feeling much better. Pray that everyone keeps feeling great!

Thanks for tuning in! The kids are loving the comments so keep them coming!

Blessings to all of you!


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