Calbreak 2015

        This was the best Calbreak I’ve ever had the chance to be a part of. Normally, Calbreak is a little like camp. You show up on that first day and you meet the group of kids you’ll get to hang out with that week, and then create some sweet relationships and memories that last a life time. This year was totally different, I was taking guys with me that I had already developed 5-6 year relationships with. It’s a whole other thing to take all the inside jokes and memories you already have and transport them to California. Being able to share the experience with the guys in that photo was just completely beyond words.         
Normally we’re bringing a more affluent crowd of kids with us to California, but these guys weren’t exactly from a privileged background. Two of those guys pictured with me there had an extensive travel history of… Edmonton, once. They hadn’t gone to Mexico once a year for a vacation or Europe for some leisure, just a 5 hour drive to Edmonton. Needless to say, it was jaw dropping for them. It’s awesome to watch someone you love completely wide-eyed in a new area. Unforgettable.

The experience was unreal, but now it has me problem solving, trying to figure out a way to get the kids I’m building relationships with to California. There’s got to be a way to give these great kids I work with an experience of a lifetime, like this, in a way that’s well-earned and appreciated. The humble beginnings and circumstances my kids find themselves in shouldn’t be a limit to experiencing this world God has made for them. I’m praying through and working things around in my head. Stay tuned for future programs. As always, prayers appreciated!