Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing this letter to you, to let you know about a mission trip I am excited to be a part of! My name is Keaton Slater and I am 15 years old. I attend grade 10 at Evan Hardy Collegiate. On February 13th 2018, myself and 11 others (grades 10-12) will be flying down to Belmopan, Belize for 12 days. This great opportunity is called Project Serve and it is organized through Youth For Christ in Saskatoon.


When in Belize our team will be volunteering at an orphanage called the King's Children's Home. It is an orphanage that Youth For Christ has a partnership with. Approximately 65 children reside at the home and our team will be helping in any way we can to make life better for them. I will also be lucky enough to spend quality time with the kids and show them as much love as I can.

I would like to invite you to provide support for me and my team through prayer and words of encouragement. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers prior to, during and after this amazing experience is complete.

As well, if possible, please support me financially. My goal is to raise $2800. Any donation will be so very much appreciated. All of the donations will go directly to the cause. If I raise more money than my quota, the money will be used to help out at the orphanage by buying items that are not in the set budget.

You can easily donate safely online through the YFC website by clicking on the Donate Now button below. Donating online greatly reduces administration time and money. You will instantly get a tax receipt. If you would prefer to write a cheque, please make it out to Youth For Christ and mail it to 1338 Ave B North Saskatoon S7L 1G5. A tax receipt will be issued at the end of the year.

I cannot thank you enough for becoming a part of this fantastic opportunity with me! I know I will learn and grow in so many ways through this upcoming mission trip to Belize! If you have any questions please call me at (306) 715-7048!

Big Thanks!