What is staff support?

Staff support is simply donations made to Youth For Christ® which enable Youth For Christ to pay salary to our staff members.

Who sets the salary?

The Board of Directors of YFC® set the salary level of each staff member.

What if there is a shortfall?

We can't pay our staff if there is a shortfall in our staff account.

What if there is a surplus?

SYFC wants to maintain a surplus in the support account equivalent to at least one month's salary.  This provides staff with enough time to write their supporters should they experience a shortfall in donations during a given month.

Will my donation be designated to a particular staff person?

All of our staff are involved in raising funds for SYFC and our policy is that we credit the amount of the entire donation to the fundraising efforts of the designated staff member.

How do I support YFC® and its staff members?

Send a cheque or money order payable to Youth For Christ®, and mail it to our office along with a pledge card. Please fill in the pledge form completely, so the donation can be processed properly.

Our preferred method of payment is by "Automatic Withdrawl". This method allows us to process your monthly donation directly from your bank account. This will save you writing and mailing cheques every month. Please enclose a blank cheque marked "VOID" when choosing this option.

You may now also DONATE ONLINE through Canadahelps.   click here for more info

Post dated cheques are also accepted.  You can send in cheques for up to one year accordingly.


Send a Cheque

Click on the image to open it in a new window; then print it out and send it in with your void cheque to our office


Is my gift tax deductible?

Receipts are issued, by our office, once a year. The tax receipt is a valid tax deduction on your personal tax return.   Thanks you for your support of the SYFC ministry.

Where do I send my donations to?

Saskatoon Youth For Christ®
1338 AVE B North.
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 1G5