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Corwin Thiessen was born in Saskatoon, and has worked with Saskatoon Youth For Christ® focusing on student leadership development, creative programming and design.  He has taken on significant leadership roles at YFC with California Breakaway, Dimension Four, Project Serve and Gymblast®.  Previously, he has worked as a greenhouse assistant, a server for Moxie's, a sales associate, and as a youth pastor. He has a Bachelor of Christian Ministries degree. 

Corwin is an accomplished musician, and has been involved in writing and recording. He has performed all over Canada and the US, and has released two projects. Currently his busy schedule has slowed down his performing, but he does perform regularly at Connect Church. He loves spending his summers at camp as a camp speaker. Recent camp involvements have been with Redberry Bible Camp, Camp Kadesh, and Ranger Lake.

He loves to travel, and has made several trips to Central America, where he works with street kids and children in local orphanages.  His other hobbies include graphic design, industrial and residential space design, watching movies, as well as cooking and eating good food. Corwin has a passion for life, and has a mission to share God's reckless love to the world around him. He loves Starbuck's coffee, and has a fear of clowns.

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