You can now easily and securely make an online donation to YOUTH FOR CHRIST® using your credit card. Donations are processed through CANADAHELPS and you will immediately receive your receipt for tax purposes from them.  Donating is safe and easy. Simply follow these instructions:


At CanadaHelps, the way you choose to donate to Youth For Christ® is up to you.

You can give when you want, in the amount you wish, and in the manner that suits you best. They offer donors the option of browsing causes or areas of interest that are close to their hearts, or the search capacity to find local entities, or even that specific group you support. Donors can give monthly, as well as have the ability to purchase charitable gift cards for family and friends. They ensure a donor's privacy, and strive to meet the needs of today's donor. And they do all of this online.

Making a donation is simple: a donor chooses Youth For Christ®, identifies any special requests associated with that gift (memorial designations, specific project requests, frequency of gift, Gift Card, etc.), and begins the checkout (or payment) process. Once the donation has been paid for, the donor receives an immediate, secure PDF tax receipt, issued by CanadaHelps, by email. CanadaHelps then disburses the funds (less a 3% transaction fee) to Youth For Christ®, along with any special requests associated with that gift, and in the manner the donor specified at checkout.

In a world where you can buy your books online, make travel arrangements online, and even buy your groceries online, making your charitable contributions online is not a far-fetched idea. The website portal has been available to donors who wish to use the online medium for giving since 2000, and each year has grown to meet the ever-increasing number of new donors and charities that find their service.

(NOTE: if this is the first time you have used CANADAHELPS you will have to set up your profile with your information. This information is used to email your receipt to you, and once you are set up with CANADAHELPS you can donate to many charities through them. CANADAHELPS is a trusted and well established charity who makes giving to charities simple and saves on administrative costs.)


Thank you for partnering with YOUTH FOR CHRIST®. Your involvement is helping us to transform this generation of Saskatchewan young people.