Summer at the MYC


This summer this Mobile Youth Center was run in the West Portal Church parking lot Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. West Portal was an awesome support as we were able to use their bathrooms and power throughout our time there. We also partnered much more heavily with the church as we encouraged students from the MYC to get involved in the youth group and a multi-sport camp in August.

Our student attendance numbers this year were up close to double what they were last year as we averaged 20 students a day. Our last week, like last year, was one of the busiest and most exciting as we had 30 on the Monday, 35 on the Tuesday and 40 on the Wednesday. The Wednesday wrapped up with a big pizza party and was easily our most well attended day of the year.

Our partnership with West Portal programming also paid dividends as 2 students attended the multi-sport camp, one of which made a brand new commitment for Jesus! We had 7 students attend the youth group at West Portal this summer and 4 of those students asked for bibles and got to take them home.

Zdeno Arthur Stein 8 pounds 20.75 inches long

Zdeno Arthur Stein 8 pounds 20.75 inches long

Not only were we better at bringing in students, but I personally was able to be a much better organizer and motivator of our volunteer team. Our volunteers were much more consistent with their attendance and better equipped and aware of what was required of them. There is a core team of four people who were absolutely indispensable, especially during the week Ally and I welcomed our 1st child into this world. Baby Zdeno Arthur Stein was born on August 11th, 2019 and the week following that the volunteers did an amazing job running the MYC on their own. Praise God for their huge hearts for ministry!

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