Finding My Place in Ministry

If you LISTEN longer than most people listen, you’ll hear things most people never hear
— Carey Nieuwhof

For the past couple months I have been searching out God’s direction here at YFC. I have had lots of time and been deciding how best to fill and use that time. Initially I had many different ideas on what I thought would be best and God has directly shut some of those ideas down and made others flourish.

The main place that God has directly lead me to Carpenters Church and their youth group called The Project. Garrett & Alex Janzen have been leading this group for several years now and have a ton of wisdom and bible focus.

In talking with Garrett and Alex initially my thought was to help grow the already large group through me getting involved in a couple schools in the area. But after several attempts at contacting the schools and not finding ways to get involved I was getting discouraged. After taking time to pray about this (which I should have started with) I felt like God was purposefully shutting this door and leading me into other areas.

Diamond Art

Diamond Art

The first new area was further involvement with youth in small group times outside of our programming. I have thus started doing something called Diamond Art, which is essentially a paint by numbers but with plastic diamond shapes being placed onto a large sticker (see picture), with a few boys after school at the YFC building. I also began hanging out with my small group (grade 6 boys) at The Project. We have gone to a Sask Rush game, been attending a weekly automotive shop with Hands On, played hockey at an outdoor rink and are looking to start up a bible study after school once a week.

The second area of involvement has been with Inspire YXE which exists to inspire youth to overcome struggle and influence the world in positive ways by valuing humanity and promoting the identity, belonging and purpose of all people. This is a Christian event that is run out of Elim Church on April 12 & 13, but is a cooperative effort of the larger Christian community in Sasaktoon to impact our youth with Jesus and his message of love. This conference was first run last year and was attended by over 600 youth and from what I have heard had a giant impact on the youth at The Project.

So I have now signed up to be the volunteer coordinator for the event and while I have days where it all seems so big and overwhelming, I am constantly reminded that we serve an infinitely bigger God who can overcome any of my fears or struggles. At this moment I am working on finding a couple more volunteer heads and filling in the large list of volunteers needed. Please pray that god would find the right people for each position.


One other area of involvement that I had always dreamed about in coming to YFC was with the YFCHL. I have heard so much about the program and I love hockey. So to me it seemed like a natural place to be involved. The only problem is that initially it hasn't been God’s plan and He has been saying to put it on the back burner for the time being. There have been some small place of involvement with the YFCHL, but not to the extent I thought. I will keep praying about it and see where He leads.

I am still so very excited about all that God has been doing through me and YFC!!! I know there will be more to come and I am glad to have you there with me as you read this and possibly get involved!

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