Another Adventure Awaits

Here's a quick rundown on what has happened so far in our adventure:

1. The team has had several team meetings to prepare for this mission. We first met on Sept 14 for a parent orientation, and then again on Sept 21, Oct 19, and Nov 29 to build our team and prepare for our fundraising initiatives. During one of these training sessions, the students got their first Spanish lesson (very interesting to observe), and did more team building activities. I would have to say the most amazing part of our Oct 19 training day was when the students shared their life stories with each other. This is really where I saw the depth of these young people. As we listened to each other share our dreams, our hopes, and our struggles, we truly experienced a vulnerability and openness that took our team to the next level.

2. Our group fundraiser happened on Sunday, December 7. The students were part of a wonderful dessert auction. The students presented some amazing desserts that went to the top bidders. There was a great atmosphere, some student testimonies, and STARBUCKS® coffee! Each student was responsible for filling their table of 8.

Through this event we had hoped to raise enough money to cover the cost of building the house in Nicaragua - approximately $3000. YFC has another Project Serve team led by Kristin Clark, and they are off to Belize in February. We worked together with this team on the auction, and they were trying to raise $3000 for their building project.

God is so good! We ended up raising an astonishing total of just over $12,000 for the two mission teams!! We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness, and for the ability to use these funds to further our impact in Central America.

3. Our latest team meeting was on Jan 24, and it was a marathon 15 hour training day. We started early and went late. We wanted to experience a typical 'PROJECT SERVE' length of day, to get the team conditioned, and to see if we could spend that many consecutive hours together without going crazy! We spent the morning praying and having personal quiet time, getting our hearts ready for what is to come. We are becoming more and more like a family, with a deep care and commitment to each other. I praise God for leading the team to this place. We served at a local kid's club in the afternoon. This club serves the many kids who live in the apartment buildings on Applebee Dr in Saskatoon. Most of the kids who live in this area are from refugee or immigrant families who have made a new life for themselves in Saskatoon. Within these few buildings, there are 19 countries represented! The kid's club is a wonderful place to serve these amazing families with the love of Jesus. We ended the day doing a lot of final trip preparations. The biggest task was sorting all the donated items that we had collected. It was so wonderful to imagine the kids in the orphanage receiving the toys, clothes and school supplies. A huge blessing is on its way! It was a huge task, but very significant for us as a team.

4. Our great adventure begins very soon. We leave Wednesday, Feb 11 at 10:10pm from the Saskatoon airport. There will be a commissioning prayer time at 8:45pm, so please feel invited to be part of that. I hope you can make it and show your support.

5. Prayer requests for the team

- health and safety
- pray for the families of the team members as they prepare
- pray for continued wisdom for the trip directors

Thank you again for your support of the Project Serve Team. God Bless you richly. Stay tuned.

In Christ,
Corwin ThiessenComment