Free Fallin'

We are only 1 hour away from taking our final flight. It has been a sweet ride so far and we have had many adventures. We didn't get much sleep at the Vancouver airport, and some of us were dragging our heels onto our early morning flight. But once we got to Los Angeles yesterday morning we were re-energized and were able to enjoy a bit of the California sunshine, though it never got much warmer than 17 C. Last night we all went to Downtown Disney (it's free!) and spent time looking at the shops and enjoying the sights. Before bed we had a good time of prayer together as a team. We are so excited for the adventures that are waiting for us. Almost everyone got a good sleep at the hotel, which has helped our energy levels. Out flight to Houston was complete with a brief period of intense turbulence and a sudden 3 second free fall. Jenna screamed. Marshall laughed, but I think it was to cover up his panic! We landed safely and have been waiting for our final leg of the journey. Please continue to pray as we step into a new and intense Nicaraguan reality. April, Regan and Nathan are struggling with head colds, so please pray for their quick healing. We are so excited to finally arrive in Managua. Thanks again for your partnership. We carry you with us. Stay tuned.
Corwin Thiessen2 Comments