Amazing last day at YWAM and some amazing Testimonies from the Students

Today was an incredible day!!! Posted below are the testimonies of how The Lord worked in our hearts through the things we saw and experienced!

This morning we joined the YWAM people for a worship and prayer time. We had an amazing chance to go to Lethy the place where we built our Project Serve 2012 home and visit Karren and her family. It was so great to see the people again and to bring them some groceries! We had a great morning of singing, doing skits and visiting with the people. In the afternoon we had a chance to hand over the keys to Kayan (read the post below to hear about it).

We are heading to a Youth Hostel for a day of debrief, we are also going relax on the beach! We are very tired but we are going forth with the strength of the Lord! And excited to talked about how we are going to bring the amazing things we have learnt back home to Saskatchewan!

“When I first signed up for this trip. I thought that I would be serving the people that I met by showing the Lord’s love for them. Instead, I found that the people who were here showed me what his love really looks like. The people here have such a devotion and love for the lord not only in their worship but just in their everyday lives. It was really inspiring for me to see people who literally have devoted their whole lives to serving the Lord. I think that in the end, the people of Jamaica have blessed me for more than I even could have blessed them and I am incredibly thankful to them for that.”


“This trip has been an amazing experience and super inspiring. The most inspiring thing for me though was visiting the first family that project serve built a house for. It was so neat to see how well they are doing and to hear their big plans for their house. They have even started to build on. I just thank God for what he continues to do for those families. I am just happy that I got to be apart of this experience, thank you everyone who helped make this a reality for me. I love you mom and dad and Ill see you soon.”


“Wow, what a great experience. One place we visited that stood out to me was the West Haven Childrens Home. The people I met were some of my best friends when I was in Jamaica. When I walked into West Haven for the first time a kid named Frankie clinged onto me and took me on a walk. I will always remember the people I met and served with.”


“Coming to Jamaica has been an amazing life changing experience. God’s never-ending love and blessings have been so clearly presented before me. West Haven was probably one of the biggest highlights for me. Knowing that those kids are orphans and deal with their disabilities everyday of there lives helped me realize how blessed we are in Canada and the little things we take for granted. Moments I will never forget are just holding some of the little kids hands and smiling at them, taking them for walks in there wheelchairs, singing for them and just pouring out love they so deserved.”


“During this trip my eyes have been opened to just how big my God is. His love exceeds all suffering and misfortune. I’ve been so blessed by this trip by everything I will take away. I will never forget singing “Jesus Loves You” with the children at Blossom Gardens and West Haven. There love for Jesus and all it encompasses will forever be in my heart. I’m leaving Jamaica truly changed by the love of Christ. Isaiah 55.”


“Our past 3 days were spent building the house for Kayan and her family. The construction was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was great to see the entire team working together for a common goal. I was impressed by how eager Kayan was to pitch in on the building process and help get her house up. The thankfulness that Kayan and her family had for us was also incredible to see. The entire trip was an amazing experience and something I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life.”


“When I signed up for this trip I was expecting a lot of things. But during this trip so much more happened then I could have ever thought possible. Today was the most amazing though. We finally got to bless the house and give Kayan the keys. It was amazing to see how incredibly thankful her entire family was. Their joy was overwhelming, and it became such an emotional moment for all of them as well as many of us. It felt so amazing to be able to help her in this way. After we blessed the house, we got to go and worship inside. You could just tell that the room was filled with God’s presence and it was incredible! This trip has definitely changed what I plan to do in my future.”


“Today was such a memorable and impacting day. We blessed Kayan (pronounced Kay-Anne) house and family with our prayers and then handed her the keys. Inside the house we stood in a circle and sang the song Ten Thousand Reasons. Kayan and her family were so thankful and did not expect the extra blessing and surprise that awaited. We furnished her new house with a bed, fridge, table, chairs and stove with the extra money we had. I saw Kayan lie on her bed and sigh happily as her children flopped down beside her. In that moment it was clear that this house is more than a house; it’s a home. A home where they will laugh, cry and grow making memories along the way. Thank You for all the supporters that made this incredible gift a reality.”


The team and Kayan and family right after the dedication

The team and Kayan and family right after the dedication

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