Homes of Hope Chapter 1

Oh whatta glorious day. Woke up somewhere around 5:00 breakfast at 6:00 working by 7:30. so a normal day in most of your lives, but certainly not for most of our group. We drove up the treacherously steep hill right behind the YWAM base, and then carried all our equipment through a couple yards to find Kayan and her family. We were welcomed by Gilly, her father, who thought this was very early to be working, but who was very grateful for us to be there. We started by singing a worship song and then 4 students shared testimonies of what God has done in their lives. This will be our routine for the next 3 days and it was such a good "foundation" to start with.

This home is being built for Kayan Anglin and her 3 children! She has been praying, working, and saving for three years for the home we are building! Her immediate family has been as generous and supportive as they can be, taking loans for cinder blocks/cement and helping her lay the foundation. currently they all(10) live in a 3 room house with a small backyard which the house we are building fits into. It is so clear that Kayan is thankful and excited for her new home.

We started right away with the eager help of Kayan, and several community members, painting and framing the house. Everyone just jumped right in and was willing to help  and learn. By lunch time a majority of the boards where painted and 2 walls where up and standing.  Mrs P (Kayan's Mother) made us a wonderful lunch of rice and curried chicken that we thankful accepted, it really beat our PB&J plans! The rest of the afternoon went by like a blur as the team worked exceptionally well together! Tonight in our meeting the team members shared this as one of the most common highlights of the day. Another highlight/lowlight was being VERY dirty! Between sun screen, dirt, saw dust and paint, we where a great big sweaty mess of goodness!
We came back to enjoy the wonderful pool, eat a great supper, and have an encouraging team meeting!

You can pray that we would be a blessing to the community. Pray for Kayan (single mother of four)  That we would keep working well together and that we would be bold but wise as we communicate the goodness of Jesus Christ to Kayan and her community.

Here's a reflection from one of our team members:

"Something that has been really cool to see and be apart of is the value and importance the YWAM staff place on God. Because of this a sweet community has been built. Every time we leave and enter the property we pray. I love how we get a reminder to turn our focus back to God each time. The YWAM staff are awesome and I've enjoyed getting to know people who have incredible amounts of love for God. Their daily actions of faith inspire me to live more boldly for Jesus. How they help each other by cooking meals and doing dishes is a great example of serving with love.

Love you lots Mom, Dad, and Cass. See you soon!"

Nicole Ens.

Thank you for your support and comment towards this trip as a whole, you are instrumental in what God is doing. We are grateful.

From Joel and Hannah.

Kayan and her Children.

Kayan and her Children.

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