When you plant a seed, it will Blossom.

Today we had the opportunity to visit Blossom Gardens.  This is a government ran orphanage with many children, toddlers and babies.  Our morning was full of "firsts" for our team.  Many of the boys experienced holding babies for the first time, others rocked baby's to sleep, and some learnt that holding a baby while swinging is a very good ab work out.  As the morning progressed it was so exciting to watch the smiles and giggles start coming out for these precious little ones.  As we would play, sing "Jesus loves you," and pray for these children, the Lord broke many of our heart at the realization that these babies don't always have people there to hug, cuddle and love them.   Watching these young babies go down for naps and not being able to sooth or cuddle them as they cried their eyes out was not an easy thing to watch.  As we left the babies and toddlers our hearts were heavy with the reality of these children's lives.  

As we took our short break before going to hang out with the school aged children, our energy was fading fast.  We all walked slowly to the play ground where the kids were.  As we turned the corner we were immediately energized.  There was a beautiful group of kids waiting to play with us.  The moment they saw us it was like a swarm of teenage girls running toward Justin Beiber.  All the children came running at us, jumping into our arms, pulling us to the play ground and wanting to play all kinds of games.  As you looked around the yard there were kids hanging off all of the team and many were sounds of  squealing and laughter.  After play time we went in to sing songs, do a craft and show them a skit.  Saying good bye was the hardest part of the day.  We couldn't imagine being in there shoes, meeting new people each day and knowing that they will not be there to stay.  It was sad that all the kids knew the drill.  As our time together came to a close the children that were draped all over us moments before became distant and waved good bye as we left.  Emotion filled our team, even though our bellies were growling with hunger, our hearts were longing to be able to do more for these beautiful children. 

As hard as it was to leave, our eyes were opened to how the Lord values and loves all his children.  It is amazing to know that even though these kids may not have earthly parents, they have a father in heaven who will always care for them.  

Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works within us."

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