Today we had the privilege of sleeping in until breakfast which was at 9am!! Most of us woke up earlier than that anyways because we were used to being up 3 hours earlier. After Canadian breakfast (cereal) we headed on over to the beach and it was raining for most of the morning, but once lunch time rolled around the sun was blaring hot leaving us all with TERRRRRIBLE sun burns. Regardless, we had a real fun time at the beach on the water trampolines, snorkeling, playing volleyball and doing flips. We sadly had a gymnastics incident leaving Becca with a sprained ankle. After the beach we dressed up for the best supper ever! CANADIAN FOOD! We had fries which were missed my all. The rest of the evening included aloe parties and whale moans from the dreadful pain of sun burn.  Please continue to pray for us as we travel to Toronto tomorrow and continue with our debrief.  We will be processing a lot; the Lord has shown us many new things and been at work in each of our lives in powerful ways.

Good night everyone and see you pale people in a few days, love your lobster friends Hanna and MIllicent (Millie) <3 

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