Can we just stay forever?

Since we were able to finish the house in just three days, today we got to just relax at the base and do some cleaning.  Of course while cleaning there were multiple dance parties, sword/machete "duels," and singing at the top of our lungs, which may have drawn the process out a little longer than needed, but we sure had fun!!  We spent the afternoon enjoying the pool, getting our hair done Jamaican style, and hanging out with our wonderful new friends on the base.  Supper was full of mixed emotions as we said our thank-yous and good-byes.  We have been so blessed this trip by how welcoming and caring everyone working on the base has been.  Once again Oli brought much hospitality, joy and laughter, and wisdom to us all.  Coleen was our other host, who also blessed us with her encouraging words and kind spirit.  They hold a special place in our hearts and will not soon be forgotten.  After singing "Fill up my cup" (lead by Millie singing base) for the hundredth or so time, we said our final good-bye to the base and headed to our hotel in Montego Bay.  After some confusion and few room switches, we finally settled into our rooms.  "It's no problem mon!"  We finished off the night with some shopping on the Hip Strip near our hotel and we look forward to sleeping in and our day at the beach tomorrow!  Prayers for sunshine would be greatly appreciated, as it has been raining since we finished the house.     

Love to you all,

Pam and Joeline

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