Will you Aloe me?

We kicked off the day with a good old devo at 6am, we got fed up and head out to the work site.  We knew it would be a scorcher because of the fog that we found when we woke up and oh boy we were right!  When the fog cleared and the sun began to shine we got red.....we got very red. The burn lines were distinct leaving Hannah laying on the table and the bottle of aloe literally half empty.  By lunch time it felt 6000 degrees which led to both water coolers empty at the end of the day. Walls went up and paint was applied not only to those walls but to kids, dogs, plants, and us. Especially Savannah who came back with a couple coats.  We got all the walls up today and the trusses in place leaving only plywood and shingles to finish off our work. 

When we got back to the base we all took desperately needed showers and half of us jumped in the pool with the other half sleeping the pains away. We proved the theory that food is better when you're hungrier by eating multiple giant helpings of chicken and dumplings and only stopping to allow others to enjoy what little remained. Toward the end of the evening we did and encouraging exercise by going around the circle and encouraging each other. After laughter, tears, Chan professing her love for Pam, and references to our exploding cow conversations, we drew a picture.  


We ended the night with a group hug, aloe fights and later more hugs. We feel your prayers and wish you could all be here instead of being stuck in freezing cold Saskatchewan. 

Love your friendly neighborhood Spencer and Brennan

Corwin Thiessen5 Comments