Today we started off with fantastic 5:45am wake up call! It was great... This morning we experienced a real Jamaican breakfast, which only Spencer and Jeannie enjoyed. After that we hopped on the bus and headed on up to Leathe (the village) to begin build the house. As we built two of the walls, painted, and assembled the trusses, we enjoyed the company of each other and the people in the community while they willingly helped out with the projects. The sun was finally out today, which can be easily noticed by all of our red skin. With the fun painting the walls and each other, almost all of us obtained beautiful smiley face tan lines. we still have paint on our bodies as we speak, even after all of our awesome cold showers. tonight we are going to bed in new rooms (except for the guys), which the majority of our are going to have to adapt to.

Thank you so much Diane for all of your encouragement and support through your comments! And we would really appreciate and love if others would comment as well. Please pray for energy as we continue to build, for Jesus' love to flow out of us as we encounter the people of Jamaica, and also that there will be no hard feelings during our intense Dutch Blitz tournaments. #RatherBeBlitz'n


Hanna and Becca

Ps- Donna Andres, please inform the Thiessen household of this blog, because Tana is SOOOOO excited to hear their embarrassing comments!!  


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