P is for PAM.

It was an early day for us.... a whopping 630 wake up (Not any different than any other day...). WHEW! We then all got in our fancy church clothes, and headed to Trumpet Call Ministries (The Meeting Place). This was a very interesting experience and we really got a taste of the different culture along with an earful of the screecher in the row behind us. "HALLELU^^^^^^JAH" "PREACH IT PASTOR!!!". It was an outstanding experience and amazing to see all the passion in those that attended the service. After 45 minutes of singing; their passion for Jesus was expressed in many ways, from yelling at the top of their lungs to kneeling and falling to the floor.  Lunch was good for most... although Tana and a select few did not enjoy the fatty Jerk Pork, while Brianna, alone, loved it. Then there came the market.. LET THE BARTERING BEGIN!!! From $30 to $29 (Millie's attempt) to, $56 to $12 (Cheyenne's handy work) we all ranged in our abilities. At the end of this thrilling expedition we all learned a few things 1. Stay as a group 2. Police officers like to be in your selfies 3. Greg has a sassy bone and 4. Sharing the love of Jesus is the best. At the end of the day it was back to the base with our new trinkets and skills, only to head to bed and wait for tomorrow to start building! Miss you all, goodnight <3

Love Brianna & Millie

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