Day 10: Goodbye YWAM Base

Today we had the opportunity to go visit elderly people at Hope Hospice.  We were so blessed by all the Godly Men and Women that we talked with.  We did not have much time to spend there, which disappointed many of us, as we had such a good time talking with the people there and wished we could converse with them longer. Then we had a good bye lunch at the YWAM base in which they served amazing chicken, rice and peas (beans), festivals (fried dough), and cake and ice cream. Then we packed up our bags and rode over to our hotel, The Carbric House. We went for a walk and shopping on the Hip Strip this evening and then had a short time of team meeting debrief. Tomorrow we will be on the beach all day and then traveling late in the evening. We will not post until we arrive early on Sunday morning, letting you know we all got there safely. Prayers for safe travel are greatly appreciated. 


Sara Katelin, Randy, Joeline

Corwin Thiessen3 Comments