Day 7: Holy Rollers

So yesterday the boys were very short winded, so you are probably wondering what is actually going on. We are building a house for a lady named Paula and her two beautiful daughters, Brittany and Sanna. Today we made a lot of progress! Everybody is working together and we got tons of painting done on the inside and outside of the house. The rafters were built and put on top of the house. We even started to put the boards on the roof. Everyone on the team learnt how to hammer and needless to say we have a few new blisters! It has been awesome to get to not only bless Paula and her family by building the house, but to show them the love of The Lord. It has been really cool to get to know Paula while working on the house. She is not a believer, but goes to church and is definitely searching for God and his blessings. Please join us in praying for her that her heart would be opened to the Lord. Please also pray for the community in which she lives in, as there is a heavy spirit of darkness there. Pray that we could be a light in their lives. There are lots of really cute kids in the area and even though they are not very good painters and get the paint all over the ground, themselves and us.. it is fun to have them around. We have had to be creative in coming up with games to play with the kids and so far we have played stick hockey (random twigs and a rock) and baseball (bamboo stem and rock)! We are looking forward to getting to go back tomorrow and finishing up the house. We are getting close! 

Tonight we are filled with lots of smiles and happy tears as we reflected on the love and support of everyone back home.  Everyone is missing home a bit, but feel so loved and blessed to have the awesome family and friends that we do. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. We will soon be able to give you hugs again!

- Sophie and Joeline


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