Day 1

Yes, we all wore sunscreen today (even Sophie) and nobody is burnt yet.

Today we went to Blossoms Gardens, which is a government run orphanage in Montego Bay. The boys got put to work painting the outside of the building vibrant colours, while the girls got split into two groups, one working with babies and the other playing with toddlers. We all fell in love with the beautiful Jamaican children and were able to sit and spend time praying for them. Then in the afternoon we lead a kids program with school aged kids, doing skits, songs and crafts. We enjoyed our time playing and singing with them. After doing our skit, we realized they don't really get our humour and what we thought was hilarious was not so funny to them, but we still enjoyed ourselves, and the message that Jesus loves them was evident. 

This evening we got to participate in the YWAM base community meeting. During the meeting people presented unique things from their culture.  We considered throwing ice on them for our presentation to give them a taste of what it is like back home in Canada, but we did not want to deal with the clean up. So instead we settled on interesting facts about Saskatchewan which the Jamaicans enjoyed. So did you know that Saskatchewan has the most highways for the least amount of people in the world? Now you do!

Tomorrow we are heading to West Haven which is a home for the disabled. Please pray for our team as we are challenged and stretched. 

-Sara Katelin and Joeline

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